The process is very simple.

With the songs that you have in mind, you can send us the source material (i.e. mp3/wav/aiff), and/or web links to the song ( YouTube, Spotify etc) and we can acquire the music from our end.

You can let us know the exact details of structure, such as points and times in the tracks, with what actions you would like to be carried out. Or alternatively, you can give us a rough idea of what you’d prefer and we can mock up a few different options based on what you need.

Please note that the more information you can provide, the quicker we can get it back to you, effectively reducing your quote. 

Along the way, we will demo the sound that we are working towards so you can have total input for anything you would like to be added or changed.

We apply extra audio production and sampling when it is needed to make things cohesive, but it can also be added upon your request if not initially applied.

Please note that we do not produce any music from scratch.
We are here solely to work on pre-existing songs for your convenience.